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General Questions

Following questions are an insight into the stressing questions that customers might seek answers to. This is all you need to know about how Bot writing work, the services we are providing and the guarantees to ensure your success.

Ai writing bot is an AI based essay writing tool that is designed to help with essay writing. It can help to come up with some great ideas related to essay writing, making the structure and then organizing the text while mitigating all the errors.

The ai writing bot has a very simple approach. All one needs to do is to select the tool that is meant for the essay writing, or type of ai tool that related to service, then, add the underlying requirements. After that, a writer has to click generate and it will help you create the content as per your requirement, now you can copy or you can download the content as per your requirement.

Ai writing bot can help you with all the tasks related to the editing and rewriting your work. You can always edit and regenerate the content if you think it is not as per your requirement. The user input is the main source of generating the content.

Yes, the content generated by ai writing bot is always plagiarism free. Our tool is meant to create content that is based on your requirement and it simultaneously picks information from the database to help you with authentic content, but it is definitely plagiarism free.

In order to start with writing, only you need to select the tool for the given dashboard and then you will create account. After that you will add the instructions and then your content will be created.

There are different ways of saving the work. Either you can download the file or you can copy the content to the source where you want to paste it.

Yes, the content can be exported to any kind of file format or the program as per your requirement such as Microsoft word.

In order to get maximum out of the ai writing bot, you need to review the features that are central to the tools. After that, you can experiment with different features and add your own skills of critical thinking and research to come up with any kind of content that you need.

To create an account, you need to login, the move to the profile section that is on the left side of the screen. Now you can access the profile and the subscription can be managed through the ‘manage subscription’ option.

You need to approach the account setting option, and then you can customize the name, your email I’d, the contact information, the password as well as the billing information and the subscription details.

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